Many get started in retail with dreams of a simple, satisfying, small-business kind of life. The days when a shopkeeper could hope to keep things uncomplicated, though, are long since gone. Today’s successful retailers inevitably have to juggle many things, from relationships with a wide range of suppliers to multiple retail channels to push their products through. That can make life as a retailer feel like more of a nightmare than a dream, at least for those who try to attack these problems in the usual ways.

The fact is, though, that there are better options, many of which are impressively powerful and well suited to the needs of modern retailers. Companies like Intelligent Retail have studied the problems and challenges faced by retailers and come up with answers that target these issues precisely and effectively. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and bewildered by the complexity that seems inherent in modern retail, those who take advantage of such assistance can benefit from a simplifying, purifying kind of power.

As is detailed at eCommerce software solutions, for example, the Connect point of sale system puts the whole range of modern retail responsibilities under the control of a single, intuitive tool. Instead of needing to learn how to use a digital storefront interface provided by eBay before doing the same thing with the software that allows third parties to sell on Amazon, someone who makes use of such a tool can rest satisfied with a single portal onto these various outlets.

The Connect POS makes retail easy in other ways, too. By synchronizing and connecting all of the various retail presences that a particular store might have, it does away at one stroke with a whole range of busywork that many of today’s retailers find themselves mired down in. As an order is placed on one digital storefront, a centralized inventory system takes notice, updating stock levels on other channels automatically.

Tools of this kind have other advantages, too. With customer relationships being so important today, recognizing that a particular client at one channel has done business through others in the past can be valuable. Systems that comprehend all of a store’s channels at once can make these connections without further prompting, allowing for more effective and telling reporting and loyalty initiatives and the like. While retail itself might now be more complicated than some might hope, then, the fact is that there are some very good tools for making it feel a lot simpler.